Unable to export a 2D graphic image of this file - sketchup freezes - any ideas why?

I am simply trying to do a top view in parallel projection and merely export it - it hangs in trying to export the view shown to a 2D graphic (ideally in Autocad.dwg format), but any will do… I never get that far before it hangs. Any ideas? The file is too large to attach here, but here is a dropbox link… Dropbox - Multi-Building concept-5.skp - Simplify your life

13 million edges, 6 million faces


You can purge the file, will shrink from 311 MB to 265 MB.
You can use tags assigned to objects, like vegetation, other objects, etc and turn it off when you export to dwg.

Thanks, I’ll give it shot and see if that resolves it

SketchUp may appear to freeze, but this export might take even hours to complete.

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I assigned tags to vegetation (components) and turn it off. The same for the models that not appears in the viewport. Saved and send it to Layout. Set render to Vector and then exported as dwg (took only a few minutes).

The model is not exactly oriented at 90 degrees. And it’s a mix of raw geometry, some groups and components misaligned and high-poly, without being assigned proper tags.

You can make your work a lot easier if you work on your model correctly, if you import low-poly models for vegetation and furniture and thus reduce your time for various other tasks, such as exporting as dwg.


Thanks for your input. I purged the file and got a very small file. I normally in exporting files have plants, etc., hidden so it would be my understanding that those should not be impacting computational speed. this model has had a number of issues as it was modeled that may have led to the misalignments noted. The plane that is at the level of the patio deck seems to be what generated the issues - ran it through a cleanup procedure and that seems to have resolved it in the near term. Thanks for the advice.