Exporting in 2D Graphic

Can somebody export my file in 2D Graphic DWG and PDF? File not responding. File Size 9mb and purged.

MPS Layout- 13 02 22 layout.skp (9.0 MB)

Please update your forum profile, it makes no sense…

Sorry tweenulzeven, what part, can you help, really struggling here?

That means SketchUp is busy and won’t respond to further input from you until it has finished. You need to be patient.

You still haven’t fixed the incorrect tag usage in your model.
Screenshot - 2_13_2022 , 11_46_30 AM

I advised you to correct that a long time ago. I also advised you to use LayOut for the export.

Screenshot - 2_13_2022 , 11_44_33 AM

There is no SketchUp Pro Free. ‘2021’ does not identify your operating system and ‘000’ does not identify your graphics card.

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How do you fix the incorrect Tag usage DaveR?

I used a plugin from Sketchucation called Default Layer Geometry. Or you can select all of the geometry in the model and change it to Untagged in Entity Info. You’d most likely have to open groups and components to get all of the geometry corrected. For future projects it’s easier to just keep the geometry untagged from the beginning than it is to fix it later.

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Unfortunately, the file has terribly many components edges and faces… I guess to process this minimum a quantum computer needed… :blush:

However, (if that helps you at all) I was able to export it to 3D dwg, with this message:

MPS Layout- 13 02 22 layout_.zip (8.8 MB)

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B02.skp (1,6 MB)
scaffale ferro.skp (144,1 KB)
D-BODHI Lekk Desk (LE790011)_90459.skp|attachment (199,0 KB)
pallet1.skp (35,3 KB)

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