Exports into DWG File

Trying to Export file into a 2D graphic DWG file, but Sketch up Pro 2021 is not responding/Still loading. I have left my Laptop on all night and still the file has not been exported. File size is 10mb and I have purged . Can anyone help me get it to a DWG 2D Graphic for use in AutoCad ?

If you attach your model we can see what the issue may be.

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12 01 22 layout - dwg.dwg (13.4 MB)

Thanks Mihai, Really appreciate that.

What did you do to the file to make it compatible ?

I used other software, your model contains over 50 million edges.

Probably if only the parking lot is exported, it will complete the dwg file.

Hi Mihai,

Can you help me export this File into DWG? I could really do with your help again?

MPS Layout- 13 02 22 layout.skp (9.0 MB)

Try to export this model to DWG -
MPS_suprafete.skp (8.9 MB), you should be able to. I modified two components (pieces of furniture) from your model, as Jack recommended to you earlier, and I replaced the 3D versions with the 2D top view.


And this is the DWG file exported in less than 1 minute (unzip it) -
MPS_cladire-tot.zip (14.3 MB).

Also, check your model, in addition to what you were told to change (creating groups, orienting faces, correct assignment of tags), there are also some areas where the furniture overlaps or intersects the floor level. And the exterior walls must be created correctly.

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Amazing. Thanks Mihai for the support