Unable to Edit Profile Information

When I go to my account information and click ‘Edit Profile’ I am rerouted to a new web page and this Error is displayed:

Sketchup Error.pdf (234.3 KB)

Is this the page you end up at?

Hi Colin, thanks for the reply. Yes, it takes me to https://identity.trimble.com/userprofile/ and the image I attached previously is what the page displays every time.

Aaron and Jody are doing live modeling at the moment:

Hopefully one of them will have an idea.

@TheOnlyAaron @jody

Colin, following up on this, is there anyone over there who can help? I need to change the email address associated with my account as soon as possible. Thanks -

Hi Josh,

I’m not finding any place to Edit Profile in the forum… could you add a screenshot of where the “Edit Profile” link is that you’re clicking?

I’m assuming it’s a forum issue because @colin mentioned me and Aaron, but it occurs to me after the fact… you may be clicking from somewhere else, so please confirm where you’re viewing your account information and clicking edit.

The link I gave, Hartattackk’s edit profile page goes straight to the profile edit page. It loads for me, as admin I guess, and it will work for your. It gives an error for him.

I don’t believe it is possible for a user to edit the email associated with their account.

It’s on my Trimble Account Management page, not the forum, sorry for the confusion. Here is where I am clicking:

Trimble Account Management Page.pdf (139.1 KB)

There isn’t currently a way to change the owner of an account, and your four foods email is the owner. If you want a different email address to be the user of SketchUp Shop, you would select SketchUp Shop (your screenshot currently has SketchUp Free selected), and in the Members section you point to your current email address in the list of members. Click the X that appears, to remove you as the user of the subscription.

Then click the +Assign button, to add a different user. That may well be another one of your own addresses. Once that new user is added, you, or they, can sign in with that email address, and will see that SketchUp Shop is assigned to them.

If you need the owner to become a different email address, look at the Plan Settings, and edit those, to turn off the auto renew in the subscription settings. With auto renew turned off the subscription won’t renew in mid-February, and at that time you could start a new subscription with a different email address, to then make the new email address be the owner of the new subscription.