Problem with "Members" Info

I have an annoying problem. I go to my Trimble Account page and select “Members” and then select the “SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan” tab. Under MEMBERS is a bogus name but my correct email address. (I’m the only member.) The listed name is “NotAvailable NotAvailable”. How can I change this to the correct name?

I am the one in support who gathered together your voicemail and email requests, and was looking into a solution to the problem. Sorry for not having got back to you by now.

While I was reading your post I took another look at your subscription, and where there used to be the NotAvailable words, I see your name normally. Also in the ordering system. I do see some sort of transaction today, perhaps that straightened things out?

It could be worth removing yourself from the members list, then add yourself back in again. Does that fix your name?

Removing my name does not help. I can assign an email at the email window after deleting myself from the members list, but both the First Name and Last Name windows already have “NotAvailable” in them and will not permit me to change them. There must be some way that Trimble can make the necessary changes.

Does it say NotAvailable as you go to add your email, or the words appear after you have entered the email?

I have looked in the various places I can think of, and when I look up your email address your name looks correct. I’ll ask colleagues about it tomorrow.

Everything appears to be correct everywhere except in the “MEMBERS” list on the Members page. When I delete the line with my email in it, the Assign button appears. When I click that button the Add New User window appears and a space is provided for my email. I enter the email and then click the Add button without a problem. Then two new spaces appear in the Add New User window. The new spaces are for my First Name and Last Name, but the spaces are already filled with “NotAvailable”. I can’t overwrite or replace those. Thank you for working to resolve this problem.

Here’s something that might be important to this problem. When I select the “SketchUp Free” tab on the Members page, the only member there is “NotAvailable NotAvailable” with my correct email. I CANNOT DELETE AND REASSIGN THIS MEMBER. Could the “NotAvailable NotAvailable” entry there be the reason “NotAvailable NotAvailable” is forced to be assigned to me on the “SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan” tab?

FOUND A WORKAROUND. I deleted the problematic Member info. I then entered a new user using a NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. I was then able to enter my name without a problem.

Thanks for the update.