Adding other team-members to my account

hello, I added 3 new memberships to my account. How do I access those and add my team members to those accounts?

You should have received an email from Trimble with the subject “Entitlement Created”. This means that the SketchUp subscriptions have been added to your Trimble ID.

  1. Click on the link in the email to access the Subscriptions.
    You will be redirected to the Account Management Portal.

  2. Log in now with your Trimble ID to the Account Management Portal.
    Note: Use the same e-mail address to which the e-mail was sent!

  3. Once logged in, choose the Trimble Account with which the Subscriptions were purchased.

  4. A Trimble ID can have more than one account, for example if you buy a subscription from another reseller.

  5. Now click on the “Members” button in the left menu of the portal.

  6. Click on the blue “Assign” button.

  7. Enter the email address (Trimble ID) of the employee you want to give access to SketchUp Pro and click the “Add” button.

  8. Once you have done this, the employee’s first and last name will be retrieved from the database if they have a Trimble ID.

  • If the email address provided is not yet linked to a Trimble ID, you must enter the employee’s first and last name yourself.
  • Then click the “Add” button again to confirm this.
  1. The employee to who you have assigned the SketchUp Subscription will receive an email from Trimble with the subject “Your license…”. This email confirms that the subscription has been assigned to the Trimble ID and is ready to use.

Thank you Nick! I have not received that email. I have an order confirmation and account statement. On the order confirmation is says manage membership, and then I go to Manage Members and it is only showing one seat (mine). I do not see the 3 I added. But then if I go to Plan Settings it shows 4 active “seats”.

nevermind! I see now!