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Hello, I want to able to delete a member from my plan in Trimble account management, but the error message keeps occurring. The mail address I used for the misspelled.

But I keep getting the error message when I try do remove the member

At this point I can’t use sketchup because the two email addresses don’t match.

I added an picture, can someone please help me

sorry I used the wrong screenshot

You can not revoke (anymore) in the Account Management Portal, only assign.
Since you bought through a local reseller,
revoking has to be done by the Partners (Distributor) of SketchUp.

I will PM you

Thank you very much

@MikeWayzovski @tessa1

Be aware that this is NOT as designed and it has been filed as a bug. We are hoping to push a fix very soon. I will post here when the fix is in place in production.



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@MikeWayzovski @tessa1

UPDATE - This has been fixed and with Subscription Admin privileges you should now be able to revoke subscription seats.


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