How do I change my email address?

I have a new email address but am not able to change it when I log in into my account and go to My Profile. There I am able to change my name and address but not my email, what to do? Thanks!

You cannot change your email address because it is the ‘Unique Identifier’ of that account. Depending on the ‘assets’ that you might have bought (Extensions, Subscription) with the original email, you need to contact support for transferring those.

  • You have bought extensions and want to use them with your new email address. If this is the case, contact support. ( Can I merge multiple accounts? - #2 by ChrisFullmer )
  • You have bought a Subscription (Shop, Pro or Studio) and want to use the new email address (which is basically just another Trimble ID). If you go to your Account Management Portal (AMP) and log in with the old email, you can remove the user (=your old email address) in the ‘Member’ part and assign it back to your new. If bought directly from, edit the Plan settings so it wouldn’t get renewed at the expiry date. When that date comes, just buy a new term with the new email.
  • You have bought a subscription and you have no longer access to the old AMP, because you forgot your password and no longer have access to that email address for whatever reason. In this case, contact support (link in first example) They can stop your plan and assign the remaining period to the new email address

Thanks Mike! I have a free web SketchUp. I was trying to find support but couldn’t find anything. Is there a specific email for them?

The link you provided takes me to a page where it’s asking for my license. I don’t think I get a license if I have a web only SketchUp and if I don’t provide the license I cannot contact them. I went to that page earlier and then posted my question on here since the page wasn’t helpful.

If you have a Free Web account, you best download all the models and projects you have made with the old email to you computer, delete them in the cloud and then upload a model while being signed in in the newly created account with the email that you want.