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Sorry if this the wrong category. I tried to change my email address in Trimble ID and got a message that the address I was trying to change to was already in use. The only place that I used it was to make it the alternate address on this forum. I really wanted to change it to my email address on the forum too. I was able to log into the forum using the new address after making it the alternate. I found an old thread where @colin says make a new Trimble ID and then assign subscription to new address. So how do I make a new Trimble ID and how do I assign my subscription there? It sounds simple. Are there prompts that pop up once I’m signed in to Trimble ID?

Try Manage My Account → Members → Add New Users

You have an email with 3h in it, and one with 8c in it. Both are valid Trimble IDs.

8c is the one with the paid subscriptions. Sign into this page with that email address:

In the Members section look for the list of members, and add the 3h email to the list. Next to each entry is three dots, and clicking those you can change which entry has access to the subscription. Remove the entitlement from your 8c email, and give it to the 3h email.

After that you should be able to sign in with the 3h email, and should see the Go features in the web version of SketchUp.

One small difficulty, if you have made any models under the 8c email, and want to continue working on those, sign in with that email first, and download the models you want in the other account. When you’re signed in with the other email you can upload those files to continue working on them.

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First of all thanks for the help. When I tried to change the role of 3h to account owner, I got the message: Something went wrong

We were unable to change the role of one user. Please try again.


Changing an owner is a harder problem. I think one of us would need to get involved. Would it not be ok for 8c to be the owner and 3h to be the user of the subscription?

If you have a reason, for example if the 8c email address is going to completely go away, contact support and tell them all of the details of the problem. Either they, or our mutual colleagues, should be able to change who is the owner.

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I think you have to make them admin before you can make them the owner (or the secondary owner)

Thank you again I contacted support and told them that I want to delete 8c and switch everything over to 3h.

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