Changing e-mail for my Sketchup Pro account

Hi, I am changing my e-mailadress. When I try to change the email adress in my account this is the only option that I cant change. How do I do this in order to have access to Sketchupp when my old e-mail adress not longer is vallid?

I think that currently you are using a email address, you can continue to sign into the account page with that address, even after you don’t have access to the email itself.

When you are signed in, look at Members, and SketchUp Pro, and point to your entry in the members list. Click the X to remove yourself. Now click the + Assign button, and add in your new email details.

You would want to make sure that your new email address is its own working Trimble ID.

At the moment you would be due to renew the subscription in the middle of March. You could turn off the auto renew, then in March start a fresh subscription using your new email address. Doing that will disconnected the old email address from your subscription.

If you can imagine needing to manage the account after you lose the old email, but before March, send in a request from your current email address, asking us to add your new email address as an admin for the account. I think you would still want to turn of auto renew, because your current email address is th owner of the account, and there isn’t a way to change the owner.

Support page, to request adding the new email as an admin: