PLEASE HELP ASAP-Account Email Change

I stupidly put an email as my account email not knowing that you cant change your email.

As of right now I can access this email but the clock is ticking on how long it is available.
I have sketchup pro, and no where on the internet can I find this issue nor can I find anyone to help or respond.

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

If you know the password, you can still login with the credentials, you will be in trouble, if you forget it.

While you still have access, you can assign the subscription to another email in the member part in your Account management portal and set your plan to stop the automated payments.
When the period ends, just buy a new sub with the email you are using.

The one that buys always is in control, so while this does not actually changes the emailaddress it is a temporary solution.
Most important is that you stop the automated plan.

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