Change E-mail on SketchUp Account

How do you assign your SketchUp subscriptions to a new e-mail address??

I use a MacBook Pro with SketchUp Pro 2020.

I’ve created a new e-mail address and my old one is set to delete soon. My sketchUp account is linked to the old e-mail address. I’ve created a new Trimble account with the new e-mail and that’s about where I get stuck. I’ve done some research but I’m having difficulty understanding what the “end user” is that I’m being told to attach my new e-mail to.


You are the enduser ( the new email )
One thing that’s important, is wether you still have access to the old email and attached account portal.
(If you go to, you can enter it on the top right )
There, in the member’s area, you should d be able to first Delete the current user (that should be the same old email ), the seat count gets updated and then you can add the new email.

Be sure to edit the plan settings, as well.

I have been added to organization Dexter lighting in the but the content is now on the person and not the organization. How can i change this?

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@TheGuz @psaal might have insights on this,

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Hi petertan! So this is a matter of selecting the context that you are in when you want to manage the account. If you are in the of “My Account” everything you do will only affect your personal account. You can find that here:
Clicking the dropdown arrow in the blue box will allow you to switch context to your Organization.
You can find even more details on "Orgs’ here:

Oh and in a pinch, if you’ve accidentally uploaded a bunch of models to your personal account and you want them moved to your Org, let me know. All I need is a link to your page and a link to the Org’s page.