How to change my email in My Profile?


I just purchased an annual plan of Sketchup Shop and am having trouble making some changes to My Profile. I want to change my email address and can’t and want to set Country and Region and can’t. Do I have to delete the account and start over? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Michael Demetriou

Are you referring to your forum profile?

No to the profile in the website that I created when I signed in.

@colin might be able to help you with that although it being Christmas Eve, he might not be working today. Might have to wait until after the weekend.

To use Shop with a different email address, sign into here with the current email address:

Under Members you can remove yourself from the list, and add in your other email address as the new user. While signed in under the existing email you can click Edit Profile in the upper left area of the page, and set the country and region.

After you have added your other email as the user, you can then sign in with that email address, then edit the profile while signed in with that address.

I doubt if an accountowner could remove himself from the members list, where would the assignment go after that?

It would be unassigned for a moment.