Unable to change email address due to unique situation

I have a Trimble Connect account linked to my K-12 school email address. However, our IT dept changed our usernames recently, so when I log in using the “Sign in with Google” option, I’m given a new account because it doesn’t match my original account username even though they are both the same user in my G Suite Domain. This isn’t a big deal as I could just continue to log in with the old email address manually instead of using the “sign in with Google” option, however, if I want to use the SketchUp for Schools (edu.sketchup.com) version, I can only access that through my new school Google account username and therefore all of my saved projects are not accessible unless I manually download them from my old account and import then to the new one. I tried changing the email address for my older account, however, it says the new email is already in use. Is there way around this?

You can add the new email as an admin in your projects in Trimble connect in the project details. Then leave the project(s).

Thank you for the reply. This was seamless to do on my old account, but it doesn’t look like there is Trimble Connect integration in the edu version of Sketchup, only Google Drive, so unless I’m missing something, I’ll probably just have to manually download and re-upload the project files.