Unable to delete recent files in sketchup for schools

I am unable to delete any of the recent files o sketchup for schools. I see the trash and I see the delete key but nothing happens.

I am having the same problems also me and my students can no longer save to G-Suit.

I get an error code - The API developer key is invalid

So, I am looking for the same answers you are. Worked last week

I don’t know if this is the best solution or not but I was starting a new drawing for every one of my classes. When the recent files started to get full I stopped creating a new drawings and simply deleted an existing drawing and renamed it. If it was something that I wanted to keep I created a folder in my drive and saved it to that. I had the students make shareable folders so we could communicate back and forth should we go remote, so far they have had no storage issues in their folders I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for responding to my post.

I was doing the same thing, at least we can download files to chrome books and then the students can upload to google classroom to turn in. I think that their system has been overloaded, last week we were able to connect to google drive. Now I have my students just download as a ping and turn them in.

Good news today I can see drawings that I saved last week but still can not save.

We still have to download the .skp file to the chrome book if we want to work on it later.

Try this to get it to work

Goto this link and click on the 3 dots on the sketchup icon and uninstall

Then goto this link and click on Individual Install

You have to be logged into your Chrome web browser with your Schools account to do both steps.

Just make sure to uninstall everything first, links, short cuts etc

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