Unable to connect to license server

Hi,dear sketchup team members

  1. I purchased an anual subscription of Sketchup pro.

  2. I live in China,there is GreatFireWall prevents users access to Google Service/Youtube/Facebook etc(that’s defenitely the reason I believe),so I can’t sign in to access to my subscription.

  3. Is there any hack to let sketchup knows there do exist internet connection(hence Sketchup license server isn’t blocked by GreatFireWall).

Thanks for your help

shiyan Lin

I really hope that I can access my subscription without proxy,please do tell me how to make sketchup connect to other website other than https://google.com/ncr. Thanks

Hey,is there anyone can help? I love this product and I just want to get some help from you,thanks!!

I took a look at all the related articles in help centers but got nothing…

Please,anyone from Sketchup team can help me out? :wink:

This is a public community based forum, if you want to contact SketchUp direct try here.

Can you create a Trimble ID and use that rather than a Google Account?

Can you eleborate more about the difference between trimple and google account? I don’t quite understand. thx

As far as I know, when logging into SketchUp Pro you are asked to sign in to your Trimble Account.

You can sign in direct with the Trimble account OR Google. If you cant use Google, create a new account with a different mail client and use that to create a new Trimble account. If you have license issues because of mail migration I am sure the SketchUp team can help if you mail them via that link I sent you.
They can probably just migrate the license to another mail address.

Good luck.

Ok,this is my Sketchup account,but my license tied with the Google Account…

Big thanks for taking your valuable time answer my dumb question.

Right now I can login my account(Google one) with proxy

Without proxy,sketchup unable to connect to internet because sketchup can’t connect to https://google.com/ncr

I just want to figure out how to let sketchup connect to internet without proxy

Thank you so much!


Oh right, in that case cant help sorry but good luck if it can be solved, hopefully the team can help you out. With such a big user base I would find it hard they don’t have a documented process to help you.

Thank you for helping me out anyway!