Unable to add my classic license to newly downloaded Sketchup Pro 2022

I just installed Sketchup Pro 2022 on my new laptop. I used to work with Sketchup Pro 2018 and I have a perpetual license. But a few problems occur:

  1. I try to add my classic license but when doing so, instead of going to the screen where I can add my classic license, I get the following message:

AccessDenied Access DeniedZR8CCE0TKPKVXQFXsSxdVgbAGceyB/wMFZpcaJTgb9Xo1WGOU9VmL9cMVcmSx53foI+dyReBmnL2l2XuJ0/aXDTcV8h5EZrTStQF7w==

  1. In my Trimble account there is no sign of the perpetual license under the ‘my products’ tab. And I cannot seem to find a way to add it. I used the same email address when purchasing the license as the one I do now for my Trimble account.

A Classic license for SketchUp 2018 will only work with SketchUp 2018. It will not work with SketchUp 2022 or any other version.

I believe the last version for which you could get a Classic license was SketchUp 2021 but that boat sailed a long time ago.