Uh oh.... "Error Reading Layout File. "

I was working last week on a file (SketchUp 2021) that now won’t open.

Frustratingly, I was given the choice to load a backup version of that file (would have been 1 day prior to the current version), but I saw that there was a newer, recent version so I cancelled and therefore the backup is lost.

Is there anyway to restore that backup?

Or is there any other trick to opening a file that’s unopenable by LayOut? I notice it has 14mb of data.
I tried updating to 2022 and that didn’t help.

The most recent version that I am able open is 10 days older!


Don’t know about windows, but on Mac when I am given a choice to load a back up file, it is in a folder called “Recovered Files”. If I don’t use it, It remains in that folder which is in the Application Support of my user folder.
In fact when I don’t use it, it often is offered again though it is no longer “newer” until I go and delete it.

This is usually related to a file crash. I don’t know how your crisis occured though.