Back Up Lost! Is recovery possible?

I was working on Sketchup file and computer crashed. When it restarted I didn’t realise it reopened with back up and spent the afternoon working in back up. Then I tried to insert into layout and it asked did i want to insert backup file and I clicked no! Now it has gone, is there anywhere I can recover it? On windows 10 if that helps.

Did you look to see if the backup file was saved? Search your computer for .skb files. Did you search for the original .skp file? Or had you never saved it before the crash?

If the original .skp is gone and so is the .skb, you’re probably out of luck.

Yes i saved the file before I went to Layout .Then I tried to insert the file and was prompted did I want to load the back up file as it was newer and I said no! I imagine the back up was what I was working on all afternoon without knowing it and when I went to look for the backup it couldn’t find it. So I take it I have to go bcak to the original and repeat the afternoon’s work again…
Anyway thanks Dave for you reply

If you saved the file you were working on before you sent it to LayOut, there should be a file with the skp extension that is not too old. Did you try looking for that?

I found a file that is not more than a few hours old so I will consider myself chastened and must try harder.

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Wayhay I found it in another part of the list. Thanks for your interest once again Dave. The help I get on this forum is really a lifesaver.

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