Accidentally deleted SKP file HELP! :)

Hi gang, I accidentally deleted a SKP file and need to get it back. I did this before and figured it out, but cannot for the life of me figure it out??

any help would be appreciated!

Thank you


Did you look in the Recycle bin?

How did you accidentally delete the file? If you are conducting regular (hourly) backups (you should be), that would be the easiest way to recover it. If not, there’s no function within SketchUp, beyond opening the regular AutoSave files it generates, to recover the files.

If you deleted the file from your recycle bin, there are apps to recover the data, or even hire someone to do it, if the file is valuable enough.
Deleting a file in Win does not actually delete it - it just gets written over eventually.

Thanks for all the help guys!! Much appreciated! Figured it out!!


Where did you find the file?

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Ha ha, I think i made this a way more complicated than need be! :slight_smile: I found it in the trash bin like you said Dave! :slight_smile: I thought one time i had to recover a file I had in google drive, I had to recover a different way? But, with theis file it was not in google drive if that makes sense?

Anyways, thanks again Dave and the rest of you guys for your valuable input!

Much appreciated!!


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