"The document "...." could not be opened" error message

Up until yesterday the file has been working fine for the past 6 months. Now Layout is refusing to open it up. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I am desperate to recover file as have spent a lot of time on it.

Can you put the file online somewhere, for us to look at it?

In the meantime, a .layout file is really a .zip file. If you have 7zip or other utilities that could attempt to repair zip files, they may help. You also could use 7zip to extract everything, then recreate the zip file, and rename it to be .layout instead of .zip, and the file may work again.

Hi Colin

I’m not too savvy with computers beyond basic operation so have provided a link to the file for you to look at.

I tried rebuilding the file, but it still would not open. I have created a bug report so that the LayOut team will try to fix the file.

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Hi Colin

Just wondering what the average timeframe is for LayOut team to have a look into file issues?

Bugs are looked at a couple of times each week, then prioritized and assigned to someone. We had Monday off, which will have delayed some of that. At the moment it looks like the problem hasn’t been assigned to anyone. I will check to make sure that someone knows to be looking at the case.

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Hi there Natalie,

I have spent some time looking at this file, and I was only able to recover some of it. A lot of the file seems to have been corrupted by what looks like a bad save operation - large chunks of data are missing in a way that shouldn’t be possible. Most or all of your tables were missing chunks of information, and several of the pages were completely unsalvageable. Some of your SketchUp model viewports have lost the link to the .skp model and have therefore been removed. Here is a link to the partially restored file:

I am very curious to understand how this was able to happen in the first place. By chance, were you saving to an external drive, or to a cloud location (Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, etc)? Was there anything else odd that may have happened with the last save operation that you performed?

Note to anyone else that may need their file repaired: I am sorry, but I will almost definitely not be able to allocate time to repair your file - this one took more than a day to work through. This file has provided me with some insight into potential ways to prevent individual bad entities from corrupting an entire file, which may work its way into future releases.



Another reason for doing staggered back ups to multiple locations.

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Thank you Adam. I appreciate the time you spent trying to resolve this one.

To answer a few of your questions, I was saving to an external drive and I was updating the styles of different scenes in the SketchUp model at the time of the last save.