SketchUp - Recovery File Bug

Opening some of my SketchUp files after an unexpected crash of the program I keep seeing this massage:

“The recovered version of this file is newer than the file.
Open the recovered version instead?”

It’s been 2 weeks already and the recovered file is definitely not newer!

I was trying to find the directory with the recovery files and delete them with no success.
Deleted the backup files in the folders of the actual files still no success.
Restarted the computer a lot of times still no success.

This massage is bugging me and I want to resolve this.

Any ideas how?

Thanks in advance!

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Oh. I don’t know. It works for me to delete the files.

Where can I find the Recovered files?

Check this thread:


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I’ve had the same issue, but not consistently, so it led me to think about what might be the reason.

It may be that the bug occurs when you have an abnormal exit (hang or splat) in the session that you first open the recovered file.

When you save the recovered file back to your document folders, SU appears to erase the recovered file —on exit— from the /Application Support/SketchUp2019/Working/SKETCHUP/Recovered Files folder (on MacOS).

It only seems to do so on that first post-recovery session — and if a clean exit is interrupted, it doesn’t seem to register that your current file is actually newer that the recovered file in future sessions.

Someone from the SketchUp team could confirm if I’m correct, and if so it, seems to me that a few additional lines of code could squash the bug.


Good point!
I find the same pattern in my case.
Looking forward to some insight on this from the SketchUp team.

I wonder if it has something to do with the system date settings (order of days- months)

I can’t find connection with this type of settings and it seems like it is more related to the abnormal exit of the session.
Seems like it is prioritizing the recovery file despite the date and time being older than the current one.
Sometimes SketchUp files (back up files as well) are not showing the correct time for created/modified so it might be a SketchUp date and time settings issue.

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Which version of SketchUp and macOS are you using?

Version 19.2.221

MacOS High Sierra
Version 10.13.6


If you open SketchUp’s Welcome Window, does it show this file as having a recovered file? If yes, can you open the original version and choose to delete the recovered version?

Yes it was showing the recovered files. I already deleted them from the recovery folder.

And do you still see the recovered file dialog/alert when opening the model?

Not anymore. Since I found and deleted the recovery file everything is back to normal.
It’s weird though, might be some file overlapping or date and time settings issue for this to occur.

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