Open current file problem

Hello ,

With Sketchup Pro 2019.2, when I open a file I very often have this message
"The recovered version of the file is newer than the file.
Open the recovered version? "

I’m fed up.
Especially if I agree to open the recovered version, it’s again ■■■■ to save it because sketchup want me to crush the original file if I want to keep the same name in the same folder.

I do not understand why I have this message because I always save my projects before closing them.
And I did not have this message with the first iteration of sketchup 2019.

Can you help me understand and solve the problem.

Thank you

This indicates that SketchUp has crashed at some point. Maybe when you quit and you didn’t notice. Before an “autosave” file might be created. Now a same-name file is saved in special folder. I have determined that the new system is flawed, in that even though it MIGHT be a newer file at first, you may continue to get the message after updating your original file. The answer is to put the recovered files folder on your sidebar so you can 1) open and check if you like the file 2) rename the file or delete it --so there won’t be false messages.

This is what happens in Mac OS Mojave SketchUP 19.

The “RecoveredFiles” folder is in the “private” directory. See picture.17%20AM

Okay, thanks for this information.
You’re right, there is a problem in the new system
I will try to mitigate this thing