Recover model is OLDER

Things are really unraveling since the recent macOS update… Now Sketchup suggests I open the recovered version even if I know I saved successfully, and that recover drawing is then older…

I check the file I just saved and sure enough it was last saved 30 seconds ago

yeah, it happens, the “newer” message is an automated message, it doesn’t read when the save was actually made, it’s just written like that :slight_smile:

my guess is, Sketchup still sees the automated save despite you saving right now and then.
and because it sees it, it goes in “recover your file” mode telling you the automated “newer version” message.

I’ve had this a few time on PC as well. If you open the start screen and pick a project with the red band, you can see the time and date of the last save. but if you open straight from the file, you don’t.

You are comparing the last saved copy against the previously saved copy. The one with ~ in the name is a copy of the save you did before the last save.

The auto save file is a different one. It’s the state of the model when SketchUp or the system crashed. It will include any change you made after the last save that you did.

All versions of macOS and SketchUp work that way. It isn’t any different with the latest versions of macOS.

not really, I didn’t touch the autosave file. if I double-click my main project file and get prompted with the “recover version” message, I expect that to refer to a newer recover file, as is usually the case, but in this case I know that to be wrong. Dont know what triggered the situation.

yeah, it’s not the ~ file, it’s the standard autosave that sometimes advertises the autosave as more recent when it’s not.

and while in the welcome screen, you can actually compare timestamps, when you simply open the file, you just get the message in the first post telling you of the more recent version. without way of checking.