LayOut error

Hello, I’m getting an error message when opening my sketchup layout file please help me how can I recover my file? Or is there any tool to recover this?

Looks like you are trying to open the backup file. What happens if you try to open the real one?

Based on only the error message it’s pretty much impossible to give you any help. Maybe you can share the LayOut file.

I still get the same error.

Again. With only that as information there’s really nothing we can help you with.

Here is the file.

Please help

I passed on a version of your file to the LayOut team. They are busy with many other things, but will take a look when they have time.

I made some attempts to recover it, that usually would have worked, but it didn’t help. So, the file may not be recovered, but hopefully they can learn something about what it was that became corrupted.

A LayOut file is a ZIP archive in disguise, so some things it contains can be sometimes recovered by renaming (a copy of) the file with the .zip extension and opening it as a compressed folder in Windows Explorer or your archive application of choice.

I did some of that in trying to rescue the file. Windows File Explorer, and Mac’s built in zip support, failed, but 7-Zip worked. Wasn’t enough to be able to fix the file.

Thank you so much.

I tried doing that but still wasn’t able to open the file.