Typing Measurements for Offset Not Working!

I am new to SketchUp, and I am on a Macbook Air(just in case that matters), using SketchUp Free.

I was following a Youtube tutorial and needed to use the offset tool to create a 'hangover" for the roof. I am able to use offset and drag it for measurements, but I can’t type in the measurements manually. When I typed in 6’’ (for six inches) and pressed enter, it made it super big/wide. I tried multiple times, but it keeps happening— I don’t know how to fix this.
Please help!!

*this image is a screenshot of the result of me typing in 6’’ into the measurement box.

Do not ‘drag’ by holding down a mouse button.
Click, then move the mouse outside the face, let go of the mouse (hands in the air!)
Then type 6’’, enter, done
Edit: watch the measurement box when you move the cursor after the first click, what does it display?
Inches or feet?