Novice-- please help with basics

I have been using the installed Sketchup application for years and would consider myself very competent with it. Now I am using the web based FREE version and can’t do anything.

I can’t even draw a line and set the length. I have watched all the tutorials but it isn’t working for me to just type the length and enter, it ignores and set length and resets it to the already drawn length. Same happens when drawing rectangles.

I am using a Mac laptop with trackpad. No mouse.

What browser are you using? Exactly what steps are you using when you try to draw a rectangle with the Rectangle tool?

I have tracked the problem down to using "
It doesn’t accept inches just feet. If I leave it unspecified it does it in inches and seems to work. I think that’s super weird but it’s a workaround i can deal with.

It should accept the " for inches but you may have that key set to generate curly or smart quotes. Inches are understood for Architectural units as well as for Fractional and Decimal inches so you shouldn’t need to type the double quote.

Try: System preferences → Keyboard → Text → Uncheck use smart quotes and dashes

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