Two novice questions about Sketchup 3D modeling (How to use Solid tool / Find center of circle)

Really grateful to have the presence of this forum, thank you for everybody!
After couple days of using Sketchup, what I can do is still limited, ^ ^, I am so dumb

I am using Sketchup Pro 2017 on macOS

Here is three questions that I already been have for a while, I wish I could find out how to solve these by myself in daily use, especially this one “How to locate center of a circle”. Occasionally a blue point with label “Center” will show up when I approaching the center, nevertheless, seems depends different object and current tool, this is not happened always. I find the approximate position of center by finding cross longest diameter, sometime when I am doing this, I feel like I am a fool, VERY annoying

So my first question is

  1. How to locate center of a circle surface? able to mark with Tape Measure or Line.

And my next question will be sounds pretty simple either (well, its not simple for me), its also relating to CENTER

  1. How to move a object(simple object like cylinder or rectangle) to the center of a edge?

like follow pictures:

For rectangle, I could get it to center by calculate the length of both sides and then move adjusting with specific length, Not work for cylinder or circle, cause I cannot find center of a circle surface

Please somebody help me with this O_O…

Here is my third question which is my last question
3) How to use Solid tool in complex object?

Solid tool in Sketchup is apparently pretty useful for me, but it never help me once when i really need it

Most of the time, I am modify a little complex model, extremely need solid tool for make a hole or remove all the uneven surface, at least I haven’t get a alternative way to do that yet

Solid tool is not work in a messy graphics combination, how do I make a depression in the middle of the cylinder in this situation?

Thanks for reading this!

Select move tool and hover over to your circle’s edge, then hover to the circle center, it should snap. Also check this plugin: Guide Tools that places a point at the center of a circle, then you don’t need to hover anything.

Check this for detailed information on using solid tools: Modeling Complex 3D Shapes with the Solid Tools.
Also this plugin might be useful for detecting problems of your groups/components: Solid Inspector².

Super! thank you! I am trying now

Guide Tools such a Great tool! Thank you for share!
Can Guide Tools mark the center of rectangle or normal straight edge?

  1. Say you have the ‘Select’ tool selected (or the ‘Move’ tool or whichever)
    right click on the circle (not its face) and select ‘Find Center’ in the context menu that appears.
    This will place a guide point right in the center of the circle.

‘Find Center’ also works for arcs.

  1. ‘Find Center’ has placed a guidepoint in the circles center. Group it together with the circle and its connected geometry that forms a desirable object (say a cylinder like in your case).
    Now you can move the cylinder group, grabbing it by the guidepoint and bringing it to the target location. It may help if you work in X Ray mode if the moving object obstructs viewing the target.

Your questions aren’t dumb, the solutions are just simple.


I don’t think it can.
Check this plugin instead: Midpoint.

In SketchUp, Right Click > Get Midpoint


The inference engine will find the center for you.
Just hover over two midpoints for a moment then move to the center.

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^ ^ Thanks for answering, midpoint plugin is best solution, I saw this trick from a tutorial video about how to use “Follow Me” tool

Wow, what a surprise! At begin I thought this function is from extensions of plugins, then I test, it’s built-in function of Sketchup
I was so blind, can’t even find this option
Thanks!! Useful!

Grateful for your help! learned three amazing tools from your answering.
Is there a good website introduce amazing extensions or plugin of sketchup?
THX THx Thx thx!

There are 3 websites mainly used:

1- Officially Extension Warehouse which you can also access inside SketchUp Window > Extension Warehouse.
2- . You can list the popular ones that most people use. I also highly recommend their SketchUcation Tools, have a look at its features.

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