Center circle on axis

I am having trouble with something simple. If I start with a blank project and draw a circle at the orgin of my model I can center it just fine, the guide point shows, and I can draw it with respect to the center point.

However, when I try to draw a circle on top of a cylinder (not grouped), I can’t center it on a single axis (in my case, blue):

I purposely showed the dot off the blue axis in my screenshot, but the diamond point in the center gives me no indication that it has “snapped” to the axis, therefore I don’t have any confidence that I am truly centering the shape. Help please!

Hover over the edge for a second or two and then it should show the center snap point.

Hey Box, thanks for the reply! That’s how I expect it to act too. I tried hovering for a few seconds, still not showing the snap point. I put in a video to demonstrate the behavior I am seeing:

Maybe the top circle is exploded for some reason.
Can you select the circle with one click?

Hover over the edge not the middle.

That was it, thanks!

BTW, you should be making your circles on axis instead of random. That will save you some trouble down the road…
Edit: you can watch @Box do it in the Gif…


I’m able to select it in one click. Turns out I was hovering over the center, not the edge!

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