Placing a guide (+) to reference the center point of a circle?

i’m always learning, using the tutorials, etc.
How do I simply place a reference point in the middle of a circle to easily snap on it?
I could not find it in a tutorial.

I entered a reply before realizing the question was about the web-based version of SketchUp. I’m not sure where “Find Center” is located in that user interface, sorry.

Hover over the edge of the circle and a center point inference will appear, move toward it and it will snap to it.

Right click on the circle and then click on Find Center. It will put a guide point on the center of the circle.

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This had me confused for a bit. Clicking on the edge of the circle helps. Or double click on the face first, then the option appears. Works on desktop too. Right clicking on the face only doesn’t show the option.

find center does not exist in web sketchup free that i know of.

You must select the edge not the face.

yes, I can do this, depending on the angle of my perspective, how zoomed into the object i am, etc. I am looking for a way to create a centerpoint as a “guide” that I can snap to regardless of viewpoint.
your example showed how to snap to center.
I want to create a “guide” at the center point.
also the diameter is a thru cutout (it has no face)

there is no “find center” on the web based sketchup that i am aware of.

what you describe will allow “snap to center”, once I do that, How do I create a “guide” at that center point?

This diameter is a cutout, it has no “face”

Is this what you mean by a thru cut?

YES, YES! Now I see, I was not clicking on the “edge/face” of the circle, that is why I Never saw the “find center”.
Thank you so much!!!.

The guide at the center point works without or with a face being there. If there is no face you would right click on the edges, if there is a face you would double click first, or right click on the edges.

It’s worth noting that the face is actually irrelevant, double clicking the face works because the double click selects the face and the edges. Also Find Center won’t work if the circle is no longer a circle, for example after a follow me action or if you have somehow Exploded the curve.

I single clicked on an edge of the circle, right click & saw “find center”. this put a center point on the face of the circle (even though the circle was a cut out, not a true “face”).
I also found if I clicked on the inside surface of the circle’s cutout, then right click & “find center”, it actually drew 2 center points, 1 on each “face” of the cutout (nearside & far side).
I know I am not using the correct names, which is my fault. Please feel free to educate me on the correct terminology.
I will now start all over again with the Fundamentals Tutorial, in trying to describe things, I find I need to learn quite a bit more in order to just describe the specific edges, faces, sides, inside cut-outs, etc.
Thanks again.

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In the interest of clarity, it’s not the surface, it’s the edges.
If you watch this gif you can see that selecting just the surface doesn’t give you the Find Center option. A double click on that surface selects it and the two circles that form it and give you Find Center and deselecting the surface doesn’t remove the the Find Center option. So you can use certain faces and surfaces to select edges to get Find Center, but those same faces and surfaces won’t give the Find Center option on their own.

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In short: SketchUp iterates through your selection (whatever it may be) and finds all basic circles, polyons and arcs (thus the segmented edge curves) and they all get a guidepoint at their centers.

A face can’t exist without its bounding edges, The edges can do without the face. In case of “Find Center” only edges are important. Do they represent a circle or polygon … or not.

Grouped circles and polygons will be neglected. You’ll need to enter the group’s context to … find center.

I see, clarity is critical, I’ve noticed single click, double click, triple click, selecting by click & drag (depending on if you click & drag to the up/down LEFT or click & drag to the up/down Right matters.
So I am going to take a break & go thru the Fundamentals Tutorial again. Now that I have a better understanding of all the little aspects of SketchUp, I’m sure I’ll absorb much more.
Again, thanks you all for your tips (which I think basically comes back to "Do the Fundamentals Tutorial Again & pay better attention.) :slight_smile:

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