How do you find the center of a circle

I’ve been working with sketch up for over 8 hours, and I still find the simplest things to be extremely frustrating.

For example, 9 times out of 10, the auto inference system can not find the center of a circle.
I’ve tried:

Single Clicking the face, then trying to draw a line
Double Clicking the face,
Tripple Clicking the face
Converting to Group
Converting to Component

I have the best chance of finding the center by clicking the move tool, then trying to move the circle. Once the move tool finds the center, I quickly switch to the line tool and it can usually find it.

Can anyone explain to me why it is so hard to find the center of a circle? What am I doing wrong?

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Well i don’t know how its so hard but to share my own way of finding center, i use line tool then point the Lead of the pencil to the edge of the circle in just about 2-4 seconds then i can easily find the center of the circle.

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To find the center of a circle or arc [when using a drawing tool where you want to choose that point] you must brief pause the cursor over the arc’s perimeter.
The auto-inferencing will then suggest ‘center’ at the center-point.
Click on that to choose it.
If you have somehow exploded the curve, or it is not an arc/circle it will not have a ‘center’.


alternatively you can with the attached script create a leader point in the center of every arc/circle by right-clicking on the perimeter.

installation of the RBZ by “Window > Preferences > Extensions” (Win) or “SketchUp > Preferences > Extensions” (Mac).

Attachment: ArcCenter.rbz (1.8 KB)

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I have this problem too. Just create your circle from the origin (Click on the “origin” with the circle tool and then drag outwards). This will make it easier, because the center of the model space is also the center of your circle.

Thank you, this extension works really well

Alternatively, if you already have an arc with a certain number of segments, you can find the midpoint of 2 or more of these segments then draw a line perpendicular to each segment as long as needed - where these two lines intersect is your circle center. you can inference the perpendicular direction with 2 taps of the down arrow key once you’ve already clicked on the midpoint of a segment.