How do I find the centre of an object?

In this video I demonstrate that small circle perimeters can be right-clicked to reveal the ‘Find Center’ option but large circles, 3D objects and all other shapes are missing this vital option. Does anyone know how to find the centre of an object that is not the perimeter of a small circle? Maybe a plugin if Sketchup can’t do it natively?

No. Not true. It’s it is a circle, Find Center work no matter what the size.

We’ve already shown you numerous ways to find the center of a 3D object like a sphere.

There are plugins like TIG’s Centerpoint All from Sketchucation that will do this if you need it. I have the plugin but this is the first time I’ve ever used it because it isn’t important for my normal modeling.

Great! Thank you. But large circles are not recognised as circles anymore by sketchup if they don’t have enough sides, as I clearly demonstrated in the video. Already.

The number of sides has nothing to do with this.
Some modelling actions cause circles to explode into separate line segments and SketchUp will not recognise these circles as such anymore…


I use a plugin called KBS face tool, besides creating faces with coplanar edges it can find the center of an object, group, line and archs.

What you clearly demonstrated is the thing is not a circle or arc. As @tweenulzeven wrote, the number of sides has nothing to do with it nor does the size of it. Here are three different shapes drawn with the Circle tool. SketchUp identifies all of them as circles and will find their centers.


Thank you. Finding the centre of objects is crucial for my projects at all times.

Oh, whoops. It seemed like that was what was happening but I see I was wrong.