How can I find the centre of a circle at the end of a cylinder?

I am REALLY new at Sketchup and am already struggling with the most basic of questions…

I am struggling to find the centre of a circle… If you draw a circle, then there is a dot in the middle… But as soon as you ‘pull’ it into a Cylinder, the centre disappears.

I assumed that I could draw a couple of lines across the diameter… But I can’t even work out how to measure the diameter of the circle.

The only method I have found is to use the tape measure and set it on one side of the circle… Then zoom right in and move it along the opposite edge… Then simply move back and forth until I find the highest value… But this doesn’t seem like a very accurate/scientific way of doing it.

Is there another way??


Hi Jon,

  1. Hover the tool over the circle entity (edge) for a moment.
  2. Then hover the tool near the center and you’ll see the purple inference dot and tool tip ‘Center’

Always wait to see the appropriate inference dot / tool tip before you click to begin an operation.

I think you’ll find SketchUp’s collection of video tutorials make learning easy.

SketchUp New Users — SketchUp Video Playlist

SketchUp Tutorials — SketchUp Video Playlist

This one answers your circle center question…

Thanks Geo… Thats awsome… Exactly what I wanted.

I have been hovering all over the center of the circle… But now I see that after getting the “tool tip” (is that the right words) at the edge… Now the ‘center’ is shown.

Thats brilliant… Thanks for that… And the Tutorials…


Have a look at the other inferences too…

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