Can't see find centre

Am i being blind? or am I doing something wrong? Can’t see “Find Centre” on a circle

Does SketchUp identify what you’ve selected as a circle in Entity Info? I’d guess not. If it doesn’t, there’s no center to find.

No it doesn’t :frowning:

What does it indicate if you select only the edges and not the face?

36 edges

So, yes. You shouldn’t see Find Center in the Context menu because it isn’t a circle or arc. You could try Exploded Arc Lines to Arcs and see if that will return it to a circle.

OK thanks Dave

Can’t get that to install :thinking: I went to install extension, put the .rbz file in and nothing happens :thinking:

Did you install it with the Extension Manager? Some times one must close and re-open SketchUp to finish the install. It could be hiding in the Extension menu or under tools menu or in the right context menu

What did you expect to happen. Once installed you should find a new menu entry in the Extension menu.
Screenshot - 4_21_2021 , 2_10_23 PM

Okay will have a look

yeah i did. will have a look

Hi Kaidenh, hi folks.

See this SU file for ideas.
Finding circle center.skp (85.2 KB)

Aw thanks!

Chris Fulmer has an extension called (I think) Find Arc Centre that will find the centre of an exploded arc or circle. You select two edges then start the extension to place a centre point. It works if the arc has been broken into unequal segments by intersection with another edge, when Lines to arc can’t work.

Available from Extension Warehouse.