'Find Centre' feature disappeared?


Oh hey guys!

So I was wondering - normally when you double click & highlight the circumference of a circle you can right click and find ‘find centre’ - however it doesn’t always come up, I’m assuming after editing the circle this feature disappears.

Anyone know how to ‘find centre’ when the circle has already been edited?

Thanks a million



If you select the circle and look in Entity Info, what does it say? The circle can sometimes be broken up into individual edges or be converted to a curve, e.g. when using follow me or when scaling it.


Hi there, the entity info just tells me the area size and the layer information



You’ll get different info for the face and the edge. If you double click you have generally selected the face and the edges.


I am looking for the ‘find centre’ - if you look at this image - this shows the option coming up on a freshly drawn circle -

However it dissapears when I try to find it on an edited circle -

Any ideas how I can find the centre of an edited circle without re drawing other lines?



Since you’ve modified it, it’s no longer a circle as defined by SketchUp. Look at Entity Info. What does it say it is?

You can find the center graphically by placing guidelines between vertices and look at where they cross.


Or there’s a plugin by Chris Fulmer to find the apparent centre by picking any two edges of the curve or exploded or edited circle or arc. CLF Arc center point finder - search the extension warehouse to find it.


Select 3-point Arc, Check if the number of segments is the same as your exploded curve,pick three points on the exploded curve , right click; find centre


Can you post a screenshot of the Entity Info with only the arc/curve selected?


thank you but the plugin by Chris Fulmer worked a treat - thanks :smiley:


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