Can't find center of a circle

Ok, here is a gif of me trying to find the center of a floor flange for a pipe. I can not get SU to infere the center for me.
When it comes to find centers of circles, i lack the paitence because i can never get it to work. Especially iof there are tons of geometry
Thanks for helping me out

It looks like you aren’t inferencing off the edge of the hole. Select the edge, right click and choose Find Center. Also pay attention to Entity Info. If, when you select the edge it says Curve instead of Circle, you’ll have a problem finding the center.

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I usually infer two points to find an intersection. When all else fails you can always draw a plus sign and go from there.

hmm, according to entity info, its not a curve or circle. if i select the edge of the cirlce, it just selects a segment of it. This part was downloaded from 3d warehouse.

if i select the face and right click, no options of find center, i assume because its a face?

That explains why you can’t inference to the center of it. Since it isn’t a circle…

You could redraw it so you have circles. From the image, it doesn’t look like a difficult thing to model from scratch.

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yup, lesson of the day, look at entity info haha. i never use that. i need to more.

Yeah, i could remodel the thing, i was in a hurry and thought maybe the warehouse would have one and they did. i was trying to draw a cirlce in the center so i could pull it up to make a “pipe” for reference. However, i just used push/pull and ctrl to drag that face up and make a pipe that way haha

If the curve is exploded, CLF Arc Centerpoint Finder plugin by Chris Fullmer can help you

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gonna get that now:) thanks

That particular quick win doesn’t work with an exploded circle.

You could also use Exploded Arc Lines to Arc to restore the exploded circle back to a circle.

ok, downloaded both of those extensions and i love em both!

i tested them out and i was able to find the center of that exploded circle

I guess SU must store some of the data in the “line segment” of the arc in order for it to show the center, anyway, im glam i have those now. thanks

Or 3-point arc tool with the number of segments set to two:


well there ya go! thats amazing. I bet thats how the extension is working, hence why it says it needs at least two line segments. thanks for sharing

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