How do I align center of object to an axis / vertical line / measuring line


In Sketchup free, how do I align the center point of a object perfectly with an axis?

In the example image blow, I found the midpoint of a circular object using the drawing tool - this tool clearly locks to the center and is easy to use. I want to align that midpoint perfectly with the blue axis shown (any line will do - a drawn line or a measuring tape line). When I select the move tool and try to move the object (m, then alt + horizontal arrow keys), it never locks to the center point. It’s snapping to something else other than the mid point, I’m not sure what


First I would draw a guide line along the axis as other tools don’t snap to axes very good. Once there is a guideline within the axis, select the objets, activate Move tool, hover one of the horizontal faces (the face itself, not an edge or endpoint), hold down shift, click the face, move the mouse onto the line and click.


Ah yes, thanks, that did it perfectly!

My pencil midpoint is clearly the docking point, makes it a lot easier for me to “trust” what’s going on. Thanks again.


Right-click on a Circle (or Arc) gives an option for ‘Find Center’ This will add a guidepoint to the model:


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