Moving Objects to Center Point On an Axis

How do I move this image so that it is perpendicular and centered to the midpoint of the cylinder?

Using the move tool, hover over the top edge of the image until you see it snap to “Midpoint.” Click and then move your mouse, tap an arrow key left/right to lock the image to the correct axis, and hover over the endpoint of the cylinder’s top that corresponds with the “middle.”

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Ok thanks, the only problem is I cant find the center pointon the top of this dome, so I dont know how to snap to it

Maybe try another point on the cylinder that you know aligns to one of the primary axes (red/green). It’s really hard to tell you exactly what to do based on the screenshot, but you should be able to snap to a point that you believe is on axis.

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Okay, so not the problem is the logo is reversed on one side of the column. Any ideas?


look at it in ‘Monochrome’ view and reverse the face so it’s pointing out [white]…


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Turn on hidden geometry in the View menu.

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Simplest for you may be to re-project the texture from a rectangle that is properly positioned. Or…

Turn on hidden geometry. Select a center face of the logo area.
Contextual menu Texture : UNcheck “Projected”. That face will look correctly oriented.
Contextual menu Texture : Position /right click / “Flip Left / Right”-- That face will look wrong again.
Contextual menu Texture : Check “Projected” That face will OK again.
Paint Bucket: Sample that face.
Turn off hidden geometry and repaint the cutout on the cylinder.


  1. erase all the edges of the offending logo, cleaning up that side of the cylinder.
  2. Turn ON hidden geometry.
  3. Select the good logo patch
  4. Radial copy that logo using the rotate tool about the center of the cylinder (find from circle top or center of dome).
  5. Rotate/ copy logo patch 180 degrees.