Twist feature to rotate surface and create twist in solid between surfaces

Twist, where a surface is rotated relative to a fixed surface is a feature I need. This feature would support creation of gears with angular teeth, making of propellers, screw treads, etc. The work-arounds I have found are very difficult. Models are generally unusable since degree of twist (from fractional angle to multiple full rotations) is project specific.
The discussion by chamberz approaches the issue but does not address it fully since it applies to animation.


Plugins like FredoScale might provide some of the functionality you are looking for


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Thanks, It looks like this will do what I want. I will have to work with it a bit to make sure. Certainly SketUcation is an interesting site.

How did you create the curved surfaces on the twisted rectangle?

You should be aware that just about any object you can construct with plugins you can also construct by hand with the native tools.


hi , This a video i did on the infinity tower , which is a big twisted rectangle. this shows the basic principal .


Well done @Gully_Foyle.
This would make a nice “How to Topic”


Thanks, @Shep. You have a good eye for irony.