How to twist a dynamic component?

I would like to make a cylindrical dynamic component which twists 90 degrees OnClick. Is it possible?

No, it isn’t possible. You want to deform basic geometry, although possibly inside a grouped environment.

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To elaborate on @Wo3Dan’s reply, the surface of the original cylinder is almost certainly made up of a collection of end-to-end planar rectangular faces that are smoothed to create the impression of a round surface. If you show hidden lines you will see them. When you twist the cylinder, the faces are no longer planar. They continually change orientation as they wind around the twist. Each face of the original must be broken down into a suitable number of smaller rectangles or triangles to allow the twist. A dynamic component doesn’t create or edit fundamental geometry as required by this operation. There are plugins that do this kind of operation, but not as a dynamic component.

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also to Wo3Dan … Thanx to all! I suspected, that it is so. Was thinking of DCs representing elastic parts in my models. I assume, if child DCs could be glued to one another by the point, side or by surface it could become possible. Do you think such attribute as “glue to ” is worth to be a wish for 2016 version?