Change curved section by dynamic components

Hi there, please excuse my bad english. I am native german speaker. Ok, I can move objects by dynamic components. But I need to create an individual radius for to produce a press braked steel section. For instance: For to draw an simple L-section L100/100x3mm there are 3 elements. 2 flat sections 94x3mm and one radius section bedween both flat sections. Inner radius 3mm + 3mm thickness = 6mm. Now I would like to rotate one flat section by different angle. That is easy. But how could I change the inner radius section so that the inner corner becomes 80, 90 or 100° and all fit together. Maybe anyone can help me. Thank you very much for your assistance! Best regards Bernhard. (Open Rohrabschnitt.mp4 in the linked page for to see what I mean)

as arcs are line segments, you can make a small triangle suitable to the scale of your model, then use the copy function to repeat to the required angle. The parts need to have the co-edges and faces hidden. I recommend you incorporate a outer shell inner component wrapper as well to simplfy the component on completion and give it swapping abilities. Will post example tonight, got to work now, 9hrs

Dear pcmoor, thank you very much for your answer! As far I understood, I have to create several small triangles which will create all together the angle needed. For instance 180 pc of 1° triangles can create angles bedween 0 and 180°. For my need I will start with an big 60° triangle and add 60 triangles by 1° for to reach my need 90° ±30°. So I have to learn how to hide the triangles that are out of need. My idea is to create the model by input box. After that mark the whole model and copy it into a new empty worksheet. There I will merge it all together. I’m very curious about your example. Here in Switzerland it is 11pm. I have to go to bed now.

Here is an example of creating a dynamic arc or circle:

I have found your name at If it is yours, you can answer in japanese language. (My english is soo poor. Sorry…)

Dear Chris, thank you very much for your fast answer! I can open it and change thickness and radius. Degrees and number of segments did not work yet. But I can see attributes you have used. Maybe there is a problem because I am using german language and mm instead of english and inch machine. I will work on it and come back. Again, thank you very much. Here in the german speaking area noone could help me and you gave me an answer very fast. Very friendly!

the following is a step by step build for an arc. First create an wedge, I made a rectangle 100mm x1000mm, with length down the y axis, x axis being the face and z the height. Copy rotated that 10 degs and then joined the end to form a known size wedge. Then I made it a component with its axis placed at the apex and x-axis passing through the mid point.

Now one can place formulas to change its bounding box, as the thickness is 100mm, this is the hypotenuse of the segment, the LenX. LenY are determined from the 5 deg right triangle along the x-axis.

segment1.skp (17.5 KB)
Next is to copy this segment and rotate it either above or below, so open RotY, it is -5, open copies and give it a value say 2, now make the formula in RotY, =- angle/2-angle*copy
Then I made the result a component called arc.

Now control is from the parent, so the attributes or segment need to be disabled, plus I change some attribute names to correspond with the arc terminology.

the arc is divided by the number of segments (like the circle tool) and the copies is one less than the number of segments

now set the segments to one, go into the segment and double click the faces and right click menu and hide

arc4.skp (92.5 KB)

if you right click and save the component, you can swap the component to reinstate the formulas if you simplfy an instance via selecting the sub-components, outer shelling and explode to get a solid, one level inert DC

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Thank you so much! That description will bring me to the result I am looking for. Tomorrow I will try to bring it into the model where is the need for. Maybe you can store arc4.skp into version 16 because I am not able to open version 17. Is there a possibility to format the input field in a personal form? For instance I would like to have a picture in the input field and would like to enter the dimensions nearby the area that will be changed. But of course that is the next step. First I have to solve my original problem.

down graded version
arc4.skp (85.3 KB)

If you have difficulties, post your model, we can help, guide or solve (work around) despite the language issue.

Hi Chris! That is a wonderful model, whose functioning actually goes over my current understanding capabilities ahahahaha

Thanks a lot, it would be very useful to me, is there any way you can make it work in cm?