Dynamic component: Circle segment by component options (dialog box)

Hello everybody,

on the left there is the SketchUp working model in standard color. It is a dynamic model! I tried to modify
the model for to have in result the right (yellow) model as a functional dynamic model.
After a few days without a working result I would like to ask if someone could help me with my sketchup model on the right (yellow). The biggest problem is to receive an empty area in the middle of the circle.

I would like to change all dimensions with double bracket () by a dialog box.
So in result thickness of material, angle and so on can be changed and flange moves
according the angle given.

Any help is welcome! Thank you!

(Sorry about my weak language. I am native german speaker.)

Best regards


sheet bending.skp (126.6 KB)

It is not the most simple case !

The secret is to break the form down into several groups / or components.
For the two roundings, it is feasible, as well as for the plate.
What will be difficult are the surfaces between the curves. A rule of proportion would not allow to control the thickness of the part … so it would have to be broken down into triangles (in the form of sub-groups) and work with the functions of trigonometry.

Das Geheimnis besteht darin, das Formular in mehrere Gruppen / oder Komponenten aufzuteilen.
Für die beiden Rundungen ist es ebenso machbar wie für die Platte.
Was schwierig sein wird, sind die Flächen zwischen den Kurven. Eine Proportionsregel würde es nicht erlauben, die Dicke des Teils zu steuern … daher müsste es in Dreiecke (in Form von Untergruppen) zerlegt werden und mit den Trigonometriefunktionen arbeiten.

Simply duplicating the left dynamic model in order to get an outer radius and an inner radius can be done quickly. But then I did not succeed in deleting the inner cake section and at the same time getting the front of the pipe section closed! But Sketchup is evolving and certainly won’t want to lag behind other CAD programs … I hope so much for a solution.