Problem with rotating a component

Either there is a problem with Sketchup or there is something I am missing.

Step 1. I create a cylinder (shaft) component which is placed 30degs to the red axis along a construction line.

Step 2. Then want to dynamically rotate the cylinder about the red axis. Accordingly, I open the component and set the red axis along the construction line which is the centreline of the component. The green axis is along the normal green (or outside of the active) and the blue finds itself perpendicular to the cylinder face.

I have also placed a mark on the cylinder face so that I can see that it has moved.

PROBLEM: When I enter a rotational value in the RotX attribute, the component does not rotate along X(red) axis, instead appearing to move around the green (y) axis. Furthermore, the Y axis shows a value of -30 despite having set the axis per step 2. Why is this so and what am I doing wrong?DynamicRotationProblem.skp (54.3 KB)

I think you’ve misunderstood how the rotation works on the axes, when you click on the text box, take a look at the guide on top:

So changing the rotation on the X(Red) axis will rotate the cylinder like it’s spinning.
I don’t quite understand how you want it to rotate around the X axes, do you mean the model’s X axes? If so, you need to change the component’s axis again and move the origin to match the model’s origin (but you can keep your X(red) axes angled as so.

Keep in mind the Component Attributes RotX/Y/Z values are relative to the parent. In this case the SketchUp model’s axes is the parent to the geometries encased in your Test definition (because you are rotating the component, not the geometries inside the component). Is that what you intended?

Take a look at the modified attached model and the settings to see how I did this:

modDynamicRotationProblem.skp (64.9 KB)

Thanks Matt. This explains it perfectly. It makes complete sense to me now. Really appreciate your assistance. Cheers,

Hi Quantj, Thanks for your help. Between your description and Matts response I am now back on track. Cheers,