Dynamic component rotates about X,Y axes on initial click when only attribute is RotY

I’ve successfully created several other Dynamic components correctly in this drawing. I’m at a loss to figure how the resulting action happens.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!

Sketchup Pro 2020 V 20.1.228

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 9.32.46 AM

Can you upload your model, as well as the screenshots, to make it easier to understand what’s happening?

Hi John, Thank you for looking at it. The model is different now, so no way to tell what was the issue before. I’ve fixed it, but don’t know why on the 101st attempt it was successful.

  1. I deleted dynamic component attributes.
  2. right clicked “Change Axes”
  3. moved the axes to the other end of the component and in a different orientation
  4. added dynamic attributes RotX, and onclick(“RotX”,0,180)

And it behaved as expected. I had done that dozens of times before with the exception of moving the axes to the other end of the component.

Thanks again so much

Glad you have it fixed.