RotY is a pain in the butt

Can someone shed some light on why RotY is not working. This is one of the biggest problems I have with sketchup. What am I doing wrong ;(

RotY.skp (188.1 KB)

Here is the model as an example.

What do you mean by “RotY is not working”?

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For some reason whenever I activate the Dynamic component it will open then when I try to close it it will bounce back to open. This has been happening through all the versions of sketches pro I have used. It only does it with the Y axis and only if I choose to go from 0 to 180 degrees. If I change it to 0 to 179 degrees it works. Does it not bounce for you?

The DC reverts to it’s previous state when you do this?

I know it’s weird. its only happens in the Y axis and only 180 degrees. Any ideas??

Both are instances of the same component, you must have flip one to get the axis configurations. If you look at the bottom instance, open rotX, it has a value of 180, you must fix this (=180) otherwise the main code will update on interact

To work with multiple or complex arrangements, I have found using an independent attribute stops the update or system conflicts.

RotY (1).skp (190.2 KB)

Another method is to isolate problems by adding another component wrapper.


I like the using independent attributes thing. It works a treat. My world just got a little bigger! This will mean a lot of work now that I think about it! I need to go back and fix a lot of models:)

Thanks pcmore you are a dead set legend. People like you stop a lot of hair falling out!!!