Bug when Rotating?

Hi there! I see the close issues from different users, but still cannot understand whether this is bug or not.

I have a complex component consistet of different components and groups. I want the group (Cover1) inside the main component to rotate by onclick function applied to the main component. The axes orientation is different within the main component and its subgroup.

So I write for the main component animate(“Cover1!RotY”,270,135)
It places the subgroup to position that I want with the first click, but stays at the same degree after the second click.
But if I write animate(“Cover1!RotY”,-90,135), it works perfect, however making rotation in different direction.

What is the problem?
Slide _1.2.skp (7.2 MB)

This is in a Dynamic Component?

I moved your post to the correct category.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (Web) but if you are making a Dynamic Component you must be using SketchUp Pro. Please correct your profile.

Yess, it is a Dynamic Component. Done! Thank you

Sorry, Cover1 is not a component but a group - I’ve fixed that in my question

Ok, I’ve solved the problem by adding a custom attribute aka “rotation”, so onclick function operates with this attribute instead of RotY, which is equal to temporal degree+rotation. However, I find it strange… Still don’t understand, how it works :frowning:

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