Display Rule Resets for DC after Save As



I’ve made a dynamic component and need to add the capability for a user to manually enter rotation angles (RotX) and (RotY), if desired. The capability to rotate the component using the Move or Rotate must be retained as well. I’ve found that changing the Display Rule to “User can edit as a textbox.” works nicely.

When I use the context-click Save As feature to save the component, the Display Rule for RotX and RotY resets in the saved component. When I select the saved component from the component library, the attributes for RotX and RotY are not present in the Component Options window. When I view the attributes in the Component Attributes window, the Display Rule presented is the default “User cannot see this attribute.”

Is there a trick to keeping these predefined attributes visible after saving the component with the context-click Save As?

Is there a work around for allowing a user to rotate with the native tools (Move and Rotate) AND have the option to enter a rotation angle?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.



This appears to be a quirk in SketchUp… RotX and RotY attributes will display properly with the saved component if:

  1. the saved component is loaded into any other SketchUp file other than the one originally used to create the component. Even if the original file is saved, closed and re-opened.

  2. the attributes will display properly for the saved component (when loaded from the component library) in the original SketchUp file only if the original dynamic component is deleted and unused components are purged.