Dynamic Component Rotation Reporting Problem

I’m having trouble understanding the Rotation Values I’m seeing for my dynamic component.
I created a basic dynamic component rectangle and made the Rotation Attributes visible.
It was created “flat” on the plane of the “ground”, so the Rotation Attributes show as RotX=0, RotY=0,RotZ=0 - as I would expect.
Typically I’d orient this for work purposes in a vertical plane, so I rotate it along the red axis which results in RotX=90, RotY=0,RotZ=0 - so far so good.
But when I rotate the DC rectangle 90 deg. counterclockwise along the blue axis, instead of getting the expected Rotation reporting results, I get the oddball result of RotX=-139, RotY=90,RotZ=-112.
Trying to develop a Construction Estimating approach that relies on accurate reporting of a panel’s Rotation values.
What am I doing wrong?
0001 TO Panel-Single.skp (178.0 KB)

there are a few issues with using the data from rotations, rationalizing the pitch, roll and yaw, so not uncommon to get an expression of 180, -90, 180 for what would seem a simple rotation. Odd rotation “grey” values can be produced when intermediate rotations used, like 3 steps of 30 degrees. You will also notice values are rounded up, 22.5 becomes 23 degrees. So can only get rounded up integer results.
Sad to say, these problems are unlikely to be fixed, the developers are pushing live components, so you need to work around and possibly use ruby to get the results you require.
Can you give more insight in what you are trying to achieve? are these panels cladding, cupboard parts???

Thanks for the response - actually glad to hear that the unexpected rotation expressions aren’t coming (solely) from my Sketchup ignorance.
The dynamic component I’m trying to develop would be used for cost estimating purposes on exterior panel building facades. The physical components that support to the real-world panels vary depending on whether or not there is another adjacent panel - per each of the four edges.
Possible conditions per panel side are “no adjacent panel”, “co-planar adjacent panel”, or “non-planar adjacent panel”.
My hope is to use the Generate Report feature to export the panel X and Y dimensions, and the Position and Rotation expressions for each panel. I’d use Excel to process this info to determine each panels physical sub-component requirements.
Life would be so much easier if the “grey” rotation values would update and be current when using the Rotate tool. Having to manually type in Rotation values on a per panel basis is too time consuming to be a viable approach.
I already successfully use a fairly sophisticated dynamic component panel for estimating purposes, but it requires that the physical support components be mentally determined and manually applied on a per panel basis - trying to refine the process to be a bit more automated.

0001a TO Panel_Single.skp (200.9 KB)
CPS-110 3_8 Mock-up_v2.skp (2.9 MB)
3315 R0_BX CSMX10 TO Model.skp (9.6 MB)