Question for FredoScale users


Hello. I want to make the same item as in this picture. I have the 3d model ready but I can’t seem to correctly twist the gear using FredoScale. Do you select the plane from the middle and then twist or did they do individual twists on both the top face and bottom face? I’ve tried all of the tools but I fail to understand how to pick right one or use it correctly.

The videos I see on youtube are somewhat helpful, but I didn’t see any example for something like this.

Thanks for any advice. I really appreciate this place.


Did you try just selecting the top face and then twist?


Yes but Maybe I should try again. When I tried to select the top face, the entire model rotated.
So either I didn’t use the right tool, or I have to explode the geometry and not have the model as a component?


Rick, you could just open the component for editing and then select the top face. No need to explode. Selecting the somponent isn’t the same as selecting the top face as you are finding out.


Ah of course. I will try that.

The reason I wanted it to be a component at first is because I’ve noticed a lot of extensions only work on components. So that’s why I wasn’t thinking about opening it for editing. I should have though so great point!

I’ve decided that my knurled thumb screw I made earlier doesn’t look right so I want to make a simple vertical knurl. The diamond pattern I made looks too busy since I had to squeeze a few large ones in a small space.
Some knurls are just straight vertical lines (thumb screws). But I thought I could still have diagonal with the vertical lines.

I’ll try this again and report back.


Bingo. You guys were both right. I just had to select the individual face first. Then I picked “Rotation by selection of plane and angle”. Then I rotated it 32 degrees.

I assume this is exactly how people are twisting things in Sketchup like the skyscraper buildings and DNA helixes? So even though I pick one face… when I twist, it seems to be twisting uniformly?


WOW - A first for me…giving someone the correct answer. :scream_cat:

(Just kidding - always glad to help if I can)