Modeling this twisted surface

Hi guys,

Is there an extension I need to model this twisted surface in Sketchup? Or some approach that I am not understanding? Driving me crazy!

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search for Curviloft from Fredo6.

With Curviloft and CPhillips: Sketchy FFD:

Dope. Thanks Mihai and Cotty!!!

What are all the plugins you are using? You have so many more than me!

I decided to try this as a challenge. I ended up using two paid plugins unfortunately.

I subdivided a square rectangular prism with ARTISAN.
I decided the actual shape needed to be squeezed at the middle height on the diagonal. I used VERTEX TOOLS for this with a soft select, selecting only the middle band. (Maybe this is also doable with Sketchy FFD)
I smoothed with ARTISAN. (What I failed in is actually beveling the top and bottom nicely–This will take me more study with the crease tool.)

In the original two of the corners at each end have a softer transition and two have the ridge of the twist. The corners are not that soft on mine and the corners just below the top should be more vertical.


My own “free style” version using only SketchUp native tools (scaled in one direction just for fun)
(with “a little more effort and time” invested it could be done like the one in OP’s first thread’s link)


Hi, @jessicas!

Go to:
Set to: Popular
And install plugins that you really need. Keep in mind that there is no point in getting a lots of plugins and installing them so you have more. :wink:

Thanks so much!

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Hi , I was working on something similar and I was wondering if there was a way to add a pattern of holes on the curved surface?
I have a project due and could really use a little help.

You could use Flowify plugin

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@mihai.s is absolutely correct, but a little more information about what sort of pattern and the resultant structure would help answering your question. A simple texture is about mapping, but making holes or geometry is different.


Its geometry I’m looking for. Just holes , making it into sort of a mesh. mesh
Preferably more ovoid rather than circular but I assume mapping them onto the curved surface could automatically skew them.
Also, I tried flowify but it doesn’t seem to work since the target surface needs to have four straight edges apparently.
Or I’m doing it wrong. I’ll try looking into flowify again
experiment.skp (116.4 KB)

Try to carefully study the Flowify tutorials


Hey thank you so much!
I managed to get the holes. How did you get the two hidden lines running down the centre of the surface?
Mine lost its smoothness and it looks like a perforated wafer.

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You can also use a .png with transparent holes.